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We at Rathira Ayurveda believe in results. The product is manufactured in Kerala, the capital of ayurvedic herbs. This powerful ayurvedic oil is a mix of 76 herbs which is essential to give best result on new hair growth. This hair growth formula has been successfully carried over generations.

100% Ayurvedic & Handmade

This oil is made purely ayurvedic and has no side effects. Manufactured in Kerala. Blend of 76 powerful herbs which is essential for new hair growth. This oil contains no chemicals. With a team of 10 working people, oil is prepared on a day to day basis for shipments.

Returning Customers

We are proud to cross more than one Lakh of regular customers who are using 10 days hair oil. We have customers from INDIA, USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai and other parts of the world.

Online Launch

After successful offline retail customers, we have recently launched our brand online. Shipping to all over India is free. Signed up with top courier companies like Fedex, Ecom Express, Aramex, Delhivery etc.


10 Days Hair Oil Powerful Plus

10 Days hair oil powerful plus is one of the best formulated ayurvedic hair oil in India. The powerful blend of 76 rare herbs including Bringha, Amla, Aloevera, Tulsi helps in controlling hair loss & actively stimulates new hair growth. Fresh herbs are curated from the dense forest of Western Ghats(Coorg to Wayanad).

Made in Kerala. ISO & GMP manufacturing certified. Brand Reach: 40 million across India. Pincodes serviced:25000+ Units sold: 3,00,000+.

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  • K vijay

    Nice product for teenage peoples

  • Sonu Rai

    I have using this oil last 8 days. . tiny hairs are coming

  • Kumar pankaj

    highly recommended. re ordering for whole family now.

  • Govindababu

    I was ordered last year it was awesome .mostly it works for dandruff 100%

  • Vinay SL

    I have been using many oils ... but this loos working..

  • Aditya Kumar

    Yes, it worked, but not very well, hair fall was reduced to some level because of what i left this oil after finishing the one bottle. But got my second bottle today, i know it will work to some level, hoping for the best, and will continue with this only...for better result. @Rathira Ayurveda, thanks.

  • Sonu Kumar

    Hi friend I am worried about using this product because of very fast results. please suggest me should I take this product. Have this product any steroids or not. I want to take this product to solve my hair problem. It’s product’ s Review are very strong.

  • Sunil Rawat

    It is effective, i have use two times it works when use regularly, i found white hair increases after use.

  • Boya Damodhar

    yes it is wonderful product for to solve hair fall problem but not comes new hair and bald areas

  • Bidya Sagar Dash

    Very useful product. Good product.

  • Aziz hussain

    Great product.

  • Goutham S

    Have tried many hair oil and solutions for hair fall and density issue, finally my friend recommend 10 days hair-oil after usage. Genuinely my hair-fall has been reduced and can able to find new hair growths in bald area. If you are planing to buy this oil please make sure to follow their instructions and its wont show results in 10 days for density eve though hair fall will reduce in 10 days but new hair growth will be seen with continuous usage of this oil and patience needed. Try to take any supplements like vitamin tablet, dates and curry leaves with this surely it will boost your hair growth. If you have patience and consistence in using this oil go for it.

  • Akash

    Very good oil

  • Shadan tasneem

    After looking the Lot's of positive comments i am going to buy this product and will share my experience if i get any good result..My age is 29 and hair falled recently from front position..

  • Khaiminthang

    Priduct is good but not happy with the transaction

  • Aditya Kumar Sharma

    Very good oil.

  • Deepak Nanda

    good hair oil for regrowth. nice and ok product..

  • Tijendar singh

    200% EFFECTIVE WITH IN 7 days new tiny hairs came till using 10 days hair oil.Very best oil. TIJINDER SINGH ADVOCATE LUDHIANA.

  • Manish Kumar

    The product is awesome. If you want care for your hairs then it is a must buy product. This oil has a very smoothing essence. It reduced my hair fall and dandruff. It made my hair more stronger and healthy. Now The hairs are become more softer and shiny. I am in love this product"

  • B.Rajesh

    Hi,this is rajesh from Andhra pradesh.This product was awesome and i have finished one bottle for a period of nearly 45days.My hairs are growing i. Scalp area but while appliying oil daily hair was loosing little bit.Any suggestiins from seniors required whether it is lose hair falling or it can stop further.

  • Abusaad Qureshi

    Great product,i use this product for very first time and it gives great results. It made my hair more stronger and healthy. Thanks for this such an amzing product.

  • Kim jong

    very good product , From sometime I was very tensed due to my hair fall problem and many people recommended me to go for 10 Days Oil which can nourish my scalp. So there was many oils available in the market but I chosen this one due to its combination and it is totally organic and natural product that's the other reason. After some day of usage I can feel the change my hair is looking more shinier than earlier so expecting a good result in long term too.

  • Mughul

    Hi i am mughul. I have ordered 2 bottles before 2 months. Now i am completed 2 bottles and very happy to see the result. Now my hairfall has been stopped and new hair has been grow in my scalp place.

  • Rajesh

    I am using this oil since 2 months. Hence my dandruff is decreased, I can see my new hair growing. Good Customer support as well. Thanks to 10 Days Hair Oil.

  • Pankaj Bhoola

    I am 63 years male, started using "10 Days" hair oil for last one week and so, happy to get positive result without any whatsoever side effects, as i am having serious skin allergy problems which restrict me to use any chemical based products, thanks to captain and the whole team for 100% positive result.

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