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About Us

Dolphin Education Consultancy is one of the best educational consultants in India who provides free services to students who are willing to study abroad in the UK. We are a holder of British Council certificate for agents for the UK education where we are authorised to promote UK education to potential students. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in India with our Head Quarters in the United Kingdom. With combined experience of twenty-one years Team Dolphin helps young and aspiring students to plan their Higher Education in the United Kingdom. We can proudly say to the students that we help to 'Chase your Dreams' and make their dream come true. We operate virtually so the students can get the services in the comfort of staying at their home.

Dolphin Education Consultancy is one of the best educational consultants in India who provides free services to students who are willing to study abroad in the UK. We are a holder of British Council certificate for agents for the UK education where we are authorised to promote UK education to potential students.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in India with our Head Quarters in the United Kingdom.

With combined experience of twenty-one years Team Dolphin helps young and aspiring students to plan their Higher Education in the United Kingdom. We can proudly say to the students that we help to 'Chase your Dreams' and make their dream come true. We operate virtually so the students can get the services in the comfort of staying at their home.

Why Choose Dolphin Education Consultancy?

We are a team of experts who can provide you with an End-to-End assistance to get admission from the UK universities. Are you an aspirant of higher studies in the UK? But have no idea of where to start with – then your destination should be DOLPHIN EDUCATION CONSULTANCY and yes, we provide all the services 100% free and we are just a phone call away. Dolphin Education Consultancy can provide wings to your dreams and make them possible in the real world.

We Give Wings to Your Dreams

We evaluate students on various aspects like academic and financial background, strengths and weaknesses, future plans and based on all the information we provide better options for the students which will fall in line with their expectations. We have a good record of visa and admission success rates. Counsellors bestow personal attention to every student, following a student-centred strategy, to make them feel more confident in making career decisions.


Our vision is to visualize the dream of studying abroad of the youth and enthusiastic student community as well as qualified candidates. We team up with partner universities both in India and the UK to satisfy the desire for overseas education of the aspirants. We wish to lead a change in our approach to educational growth and development. We take responsibility for that change we want to see in the world around us.


We work towards a mission of selecting a suitable university and course for scholars as well as to create a motivating work environment that recognizes and rewards achievements at all levels and helps in the organization’s growth through integrity & excellence.


To provide the students with accurate and up to date information about education, lifestyle, accommodation and employability in the UK. Apart from career counselling we also provide various English language test preparation classes like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.


  • Arumugam Pandian

    Hi everyone, I'm Arumugam Pandian from Tamil Nadu. Finally, after many struggles I got my admission in De Montfort University, Leicester UK. All this happened because of Dolphin Education consultancy!!! The reason I mentioned this as struggle is because neither I met my IELTS requirement nor the Portfolio requirements initially. As a result, I was denied admissions in two universities and I thought of dropping my plan, my aim and my wish of studying in the UK. I conveyed this to team Dolphin but, they cheered me up and motivated me to stay focused on my dream. Special thanks to Arul Sir. He is the first person for my success. He motivated me during my struggles he guided me in each an everything like the application process, Fee payment, Fund maintenance procedure, CAS process and Visa. Because of all their guidance I restarted my admission process, this time with lot of hesitation because I've to crack my Credibility Interview this time. But Team Dolphin took lot of efforts in training me for my CI. I would like to thank Mythili Mam, she guided me to prepare for the interview which really helped me a lot. And I still remember my first mock interview performance was not good thus she supported me well to improve my preparation. Am happy to say that I have successfully completed my interview and got an admission in DMU university. Best thing about this team is whenever you have a doubt you can reach out to them, and they will address your doubts then and there in a very professional way. I would like to thank the whole team of Dolphin for their kind support and guidance.I Strongly recommend anyone who wants to achieve a dream of studying in the UK. This is the right place, and these are the right people you can trust upon!!!

  • sandhya menon

    Hi everyone, I'm Sandhya Sujith from Kerala, India and a resident of Kuwait.If you are looking to study abroad don't even think about any consultancy other than Dolphin Education Consultancy. This team is very supportive and even while I was in the process, I suggested to my friends about Dolphin Education Consultancy.I would like to use this opportunity to thank the whole team who helped me out with the entire admission procedures.They guided me well and took a tremendous effort that made my choice of doing higher studies after 8 years of my academic gap.Whenever I had doubts in my admission process, I could always reach out to this team irrespective of time. They took pleasure in addressing all my doubts and clarified everything with a great effort.From the start of the visa process my consultants guided me with providing all the required guidance and information.I planned to travel along with my two dependents, and it is my pleasure to inform you that this team has assisted us with all the three visa processes. Just because of their professionalism and efforts we got all our visas successfully.Documentation is the critical stage of my whole process as I had lot of travel histories to and forth from India to Kuwait. Team Dolphin worked very hard and was very accurate in handling all my documentation work that made my whole process simple and successive.Dolphin Education consultancy team are well etiquette, polite and gentle people whom we can easily rely upon and can clarify any of our concern day/night. Their level of passion, integrity and commitment was appreciable. Anybody who is looking for an overseas education must contact them without a second thought, and they will complete the entire process without any hassle for you. Thank you so much Team Dolphin.

  • Shruthi Saravanan

    Hi, I’m Suruthi Saravanan from Erode, Tamil Nadu. It was my dream from childhood that I want to study in the UK, and I got my family and my husband support to fulfil my dream to study in the UK. So, I was searching for a good consultancy to bring my dream into reality, then by God's grace I found Dolphin Education Consultancy through the google search on the internet. Then I found lots of good reviews from the students then I just called them and asked about the services they offer, then they gave me good counselling about the UK Universities, they didn't force me to take specific course or university they just gave their suggestions about the universities in the UK then I chose Greenwich University. After selecting my course, they processed my application immediately and within two days I got my unconditional offer!! Then they started guiding me with all the procedures like how to maintain funds in the account as per the requirements, how should we take our TB tests, and the other procedures involved in my whole admission process. In this whole process, my counsellor Mr. Arul sir and his team played the important role. He is very much supportive in all the way. In addition, the team encouraged and supported me to pass my CAS interview in a very good manner!! I had one interview from the university, and I cleared that with their help but suddenly, they called for a 2nd round of interview which I didn't expected. But this team motivated and helped me to recall all my answers overnight and they made sure I cleared the 2nd round too. Sometimes I thought the process is getting slower but later I realized they are doing some process carefully which is slow sometimes but to get the perfect outcome. They are doing all the process perfectly and accurately that helps the students to get their visa without any delays or refusals!!! I’m traveling along with my husband, this Dolphin team guided me with both student and dependent visa applications. And thus, I'm very grateful to this team and strongly recommend Dolphin Education consultancy for every student who have a dream to study in the UK. They offer better services to students, and I wondered that they didn't charge a single rupee for my whole processes!! I am so surprised with the service they provided and this much support to the students and they didn't ask any fee for their services. Dolphin Education Consultancy changed my life and I'm sure they'll change yours too, just go for it .- Suruthi Saravanan

  • Sakthi priya dharshini Sengottuvelan

    Hi, I'm Sakthi from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. I am posting this review with full of happiness because the UK student visa is in my hand!!! It's all possible just because of Dolphin Education Consultancy!!! When I begin my admission process of my own there were lot of negativities around me, it was all because of the 15 years huge academic gaps I was having. And as a reflection of this I was afraid to start this process. Then I came to know about Dolphin Education Consultancy who is not only offering the free service but also the quality one!! They gave initial counselling and started my admission process which started giving me the hope. They chose me the right university which suits my profile especially the one which accepts my gap years. Then what happened after that was pure brilliance of this team. They chased up the university day/night and got my offer and CAS letters on time. I would like to thank the entire team of Dolphin for what they have did to me. Especially Mr. Arul kumar, he was there for me through the entire process and got knowledge in everything. Whenever I had any queries, he was always there to address it promptly, no matter how many times I called him. For my admission process, I had all the communications through email, WhatsApp and phone calls at my convenient, and this team Dolphin assisted me via everything, and I think that's the best thing about this team. In addition, I took my IELTS training with Dolphin for free of cost and got my desired band score. The way they motivated me to score the required band was outstanding. At one point I started thinking that I can't be making for Sep 21 intake, but this team even motivated me to climb up the ladder to get my admission on time. As a result, I got my Visa in my hand 10 days prior to my course start date!!! This is something which I didn't ever thought of achieving!! Moreover, Team Dolphin is always accessible, and they care more about student’s requirement and because of their efforts I received good amount of scholarship from my university. They have informed me everything beforehand in order to make sure everything will go right. My visa process would not have been so smooth if I didn’t go with team Dolphin. I am very happy with the quality of assistance given by them. Once they commit, they will make sure you receive your requirements faster and easy. I highly recommend Dolphin Education Consultancy to the students, who are all planning to do their higher studies abroad. All the best for your success Team Dolphin and the students processing with you, keep up the good work😄👍

  • haripriya priya

    I chose to go with Dolphin consultancy because I simply could not find any other consultancy that provided A to Z of what I needed to do for my admission to Nottingham University and they are the best at what they do. Be it the silliest of doubts, they make time to clarify it and they guided me through the journey. If not for their guidance and multiple vetting sessions in creating an well-crafted SOP and LOR, I highly doubt my admit to the university. I strongly believe my SOP stood as a differentiating factor that made me stand out from the crow.I strongly recommend anyone who wants to get an admit to a foreign university to avail the services of Dolphin consultancy.

  • anu sankar

    I decided to pursue my master's in the United Kingdom after consulting my family and friends. While I was searching about the courses and the process of applying, I was overwhelmed by the manifolds of procedures involved. Since I don’t have any experience before, I thought of going to a consultancy for guidance. And one of my good friends who went to the UK earlier this year to do her master’s degree recommended me about the Dolphin Education Consultancy.That’s how I came to learn more about the services provided by them and approached them for guidance and services. They responded immediately and started working on my application. My counselor Mr. Arul guided me in collaboration with the other team members of Dolphin Education Consultancy for the smooth process. I really must appreciate his knowledge about the UK admission process and thank him for his dedication throughout the process.He was amiable and available the entire time; whenever I had a query and needed clarity, I was able to reach out to him and he used to address all my doubts cleared.In nutshell, starting from my application process, follow up with the university, and as well as visa process went smoothly mainly because of the guidance and the support I received from the consultancy. They were available 24*7 and clarified all my doubts throughout my admission process. They were very professional and punctual in whatever they did in my application process. With all these, I'm very happy to convey that I got a scholarship of 1500GBP from the university, but I feel the guidance offered by this Dolphin Education Consultancy is worth more than that!!! I would like to make this an opportunity to truly convey my appreciation and gratitude to everyone from the consultancy. I hope and wish them all the best.They have guided me with all the processes that needed to be done during this Covid-19 pandemic time to make sure I reach the UK safely.Hence, I strongly recommend Dolphin Education Consultancy to any students for their UK studies. Let them handle your profile for the UK admissions process and you will see the magic!!!With Gratitude,Anu Jaisankar

  • Praneeth J

    I am Praneeth Jadcherla from Hyderabad. I approached Dolphin Education Consultancy to get services for my UK postgraduate study admission process. It's an excellent consultancy which provides free services to students like me. They provide better career guidance on our choice when we approach them. From applying to the universities of our choice to till reaching the UK, the services they offered were amazing. They have provided me with several format documents at each stage which made my documentation work very simple and right. Also, the way they guided me to came across my bank related processes were very professional. They helped me with the entire Student visa application process. And it's my pleasure to mention you that I got a scholarship close to 6000 GBP!!! These guys will guide us through the entire process and make the students life even easier to study in the UK. The uniqueness of the Dolphin Education consultancy is that their quick responses. All our queries will be addressed quickly. They also help us with pointers in getting the accommodation and part time jobs after reaching the UK. They are available at any time whenever we need them and the whole process is Virtual. Personally I am very happy and thankful to the entire Dolphin team. I strongly recommend Dolphin Education Consultancy to anyone who is willing to apply to get admission in the UK.

  • Psp Sowmya

    Dolphin Education Consultancy provides an Excellent counselling services and certainly a best consultancy for an aspiring student. They help with a proper guidance throughout the process starting from university application to travel guidance in the home country and provide help in finding accommodation along with part time assistance after arriving in the UK. A professional and friendly team to help and ensure that everything is in order and the team responds very quickly whenever you need help. They are always reachable, and ready to assist you with all the help in every possible way. One of the best things that I felt was that each and every document and all the details are cross verified by the team perfectly before we go for a visa application in order to avoid any last-minute glitches which makes every student successful in getting the visa and travelling to the UK. There is an absolute transparency in process execution and Dolphin Education Consultancy have expertise knowledge of immigration process. The level of effort and hard work by everyone at Dolphin Education Consultancy with my application truly makes them one of the best consultants around the world.Special Thanks to Mr. Karthick Subramaniam, who is very helpful, supportive, and always there to guide us throughout the process even after arriving in the UK.I would highly encourage every aspiring student to Join Consultants at Dolphin education Consultancy and I want to wish them and everyone who approaches them all the very best.

  • Gayathri Palanisamy

    Hi everyone,I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dolphin Education Consultancy and it feels really good to be lost in the right direction. If you're looking to study abroad and looking for someone to guide you throughout the whole process then Dolphin Education Consultancy is the right place where you can get holistic service. Their render services starting from the free IELTS coaching and they guide you in each steps including making good cover letters, submitting application, preparing for credibility interview,financial documentation, submitting visa application, preparing for visa interviews ,finding good accommodation in the UK and so on. I really appreciate the professionalism of the entire Dolphin team and their commitment to the service. I could find much difference with other agencies and Dolphin since I had some experience with other agencies before finding Dolphin. I trusted them completely and much confident that they will make my dream into reality. Best thing about Dolphin Education Consultancy is that they follow all the legal procedures and make things very clear and precise which helps us to tackle all the interviews and the procedures. They keep insisting to do things on the right time and they make sure it was done.Their support is endless even after getting my visa. They supported me in booking flights , registering for COVID kits, travelling from airport to my accommodation and they make sure we are safe and comfortable. Also, they guide and follow up to complete all registrations and keep us notified with new updates. Really they offered service that exceeds my expectations and I trust they will keep supporting till I stay here in UK. Deepest thanks to the whole Dolphin team and if you have a dream of studying abroad then I would encourage students to join hands with Dolphin Education Consultancy.

  • satya satz

    Dolphin consultancy has provided me outstanding services in regards to my masters application for UK. Starting from counseling me on various course options as per my requirements and giving me constructive information on the Universities, fees, scholarships etc., they have helped me in every step of the way. Their guidance did not stop after I came to UK but continued with even more useful insights on terms of accommodation and part time Jobs.I felt very supported when they have sent me a free UK SIM card while I was in India. They give very elaborate information about all the documentation required for the college application to visa via emails and they are available throughout the day via whatsapp. They make sure to give proper information and you can be rest assured that every rule is followed.They proved to be unique in their way of consulting and based on all the support I received from them I highly recommend Dolphin consultants to any aspiring Students who wants to experience a hassle free and successful visa process.

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