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About Us

The Tecchno Group of Companies consisting of Techno Electronics & Instruments and Techno Marketing is a leading manufacturer and exporter of textile testing instruments for cotton, yarn and fabrics. The group’s headquarter is located in Coimbatore, one of India’s key textile hubs. Our products are extensively used in quality control labs of ginners, spinners, yarn & cotton traders, garment manufacturers, as well as fabric manufacturing units.

Our eventful journey began in a humble way in 1992, with a small team. Initially a marketing organization, it was in 1992 that we entered the manufacturing fray. Growing from strength to strength, today we are counted among the top names in the field of textile testing instruments. We now operate out of a sprawling 2000 sq.ft of modern work space consisting of our factory and office cum R&D center.

Our specialization

Our products are well known for the incorporation of the latest technologies and their unmatched performance. We are constantly trying to come out with innovations keeping in tune with the latest trends in the textile industry.

World-class Product Portfolio

Our products are well known for the incorporation of the latest technologies and their unmatched performance. We are constantly trying to come out with innovations keeping in tune with the latest trends in the textile industry.

Ethical Business Practices

Our growth story has always been and will be driven by certain core philosophies. We are committed to excellence in customer service. Similarly, it will always be our endeavour to provide best in class products.

High Quality Standards

We are considered the frontrunners when it comes to implementation and maintenance of high quality standards. An exclusive team of quality control specialists oversees every stage of manufacturing which ensures that only the very best product reaches the customers.

Professional Team

We have some of the finest technical brains in the textile industry working for us. Our products are a result of their collaborative efforts.

Strong R&D Focus

One of the reasons for our consistent growth over the years has been our strong focus on research and development. We are always getting feedback from the end-users and trying to improve upon our product range.

Robust Infrastructure

At Techno Electronics and Instruments, we have always focused on being in tune with the latest trends in the industry. Our modern manufacturing unit is equipped with all the latest machinery to ensure flawless products.


Pilling Tester

  • To determine the resistance to piling adn Change of appearance of fabrics for both woven and knitted materials.
  • Micro processor based programmable 5 Digit counter provided to set number of rotations

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Automatic Yarn Appearance Winder

Yarn Appearance Board Winder – Motorised
  • Motorised Auto Stop
  • Step Pulleys provided to change the winding, depending on count ranges.
  • 6 Nos. Rectangular/Tapered Black boards are provided with the Machine.
  • Constant rate of traverse speed ensures uniform wrapping.

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For Measuring Fibre Fineness

  • Measurement of fibre fineness in micronnaire value.
  • Fiber measuring range of 2.2. To 8.0 micronnaire from 3.24 grams sample.
  • Works on air flow measurement through glass tube roto meter.
  • Air Regulator cum filters provided
  • Auto ejection of tested sample from the chamber

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Micro Processor Twist Tester

Electronic Twist Tester
  • Motorised
  • Works on Untwist and Twist method.
  • Suitable for Single and Double yarn (S & Z Twist)
  • Micro processor based Electronic Counter provided to ascertain direct TPI.
  • Inching switches and Motor Speed control switches are provided, for checking double yarn.
  • Specimen length adjustable to 20 inches / 50 cm.
  • With Computer interface also available.

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For Measuring Trash Content

Trash Separator
  • To ascertain the percentage of trash, lint, dust and micro dust in a sample of cotton, lap, or silver
  • Compact, portable, Table Top Machine
  • Mini Carding like machine with built in motor, blower and two-stage filters.
  • Detachable feed tray and dust collection tray are provided.
  • Operation on a superior aerodynamic lint/trash separation and new collection technique provides the micro dust present in Cotton sample.

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For Measuring Sliver and Roving

Wrap Block: (Conventional)
Hand Operated: (10′, 14′, 18′ Width Available)
  • Conventional Wrap Block is highly reliable and accepted by all technical personnel in the textile industry
  • Accurate 1 yard circumference, high quality M.S. Chrome plated drum to measure hank measurement in Sliver and Roving.
  • A mechanical Counter provided.

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Fibre Bundle Strength Tester

Fibre Bundle Strength Tester
  • Measuring the strength and elongation of fibre bundle precisely and simultaneously.
  • Measurement Range : 0-8 kilograms for Strength Scale and 0-50% for elongation scale.
  • Accessories provided : pair of combs, Wise, Tweezers, and 1/8th Gauge Clamps.

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For Measuring NEP Content

Nep Counting Templates
  • To determine the NEP content in Carding,drawing sliver.
  • Conventional method of counting number of neps per 100 Square inch.
  • 32 Nos. Web Supporting Black Boards,10 Nos. Glasses, 6 Nos. Templates are supplied in a M.S. Container.

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For Measuring Length

Cotton Fibre Sorter
  • Accurate measurement of fibre length characteristics including effective length and % of short fibres.
  • A Clamp, Velvet Mat,supporting black boards, Combs are provided.

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For Measuring Moisture Content

Moisture Tester
  • Compact & sturdy fabrication allows the user to handle the instrument comfortably.
  • Measuring Principle: Based on worldwide technology of resistance and conductivity method.
  • Necessary Contact Pins are provided for checking in bale,Yarn, (Sliver / Borahs / Kappas).
  • 8″ Long easily replaceable Needles provided for Bale handle,3″ long Sturdy brass pins providedfor checking in Borahs, Sliver and Kappas,3″ long Sturdy small needles provided for checking in Yarn, A set of needles for checking in bales are given free of cost along with the supply.

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Hank Measurement

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Lea Strength

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CSP System (CSP Software Package)

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Multi Strength

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Count Analysis

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Count Measurement

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Single Yarn Strength

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Fabric and Apparel

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Pilling cum abrasion

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Bursting Strength

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Count of Yarn

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Tensile Strength

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Crease Recovery

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Tearing Strength

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Washing Fastness

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Rubbing Fastness

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Visual Assessment of Colour

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Staining and Change in color

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Sample Dyeing

“TECCHNO” Sample Dyeing Machine
  • Suitable for dyeing samples of all kinds of fabric,yarn and loose stock up to temperature of 140 deg Cel.
  • Beakers size available: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml..
  • Number of beakers:

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“TECCHNO” Fabric Drape Tester
  • Drape is one of subjective performance characteristics of fabric that contributes to its aesthetic appeal. It’s a complex property involving bending and shearing deformation
  • A Complete equipment is supplied with following accessories:
  • A metal template of 250 mm diameter . Having centre hole for marking & Cutting Test Specimens.
  • A specimen pressing disc.
  • 100 sheets of ammonia process paper.
  • One bottle of ammonium hydroxide.
  • Exposing Tray for paper exposing.

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Air permeability

“TECCHNO” Fabric Air Permeability Tester
  • Air Permeability Tester can be used for determining the porosity, air insulation or air permeability of fabrics, clothing, paper and other filter materials.
  • Air permeability is property of fabric to allow air to pass through under effect of a difference in pressure.This is a table top unit, supplied complete with all necessary accessories & attachments.
  • Total test range: 5 to 5000 LPM in four stages.
  • Air Displacement: approx.400 cc/sec (max)
  • Pressure Meter : Digital pressure meter for differential presure measurement.
  • Differential Manometer: 0 – 10 mm wc as extra for measurement instead of Digital meter.

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Yarn Tension

“TECCHNO” Digital Yarn Tension Meter
  • Digital yarn tension meter is designed to measure and display tension of moving yarn, directly in grams. This portable battery operated and lightweight instrument features a push button actuated display hold function.It is powered through re-chargeable nickel-cadmiu cells. The Equipement also incorporates Low-Pass Filter to overcome wide fluctuation in readings due to movng yarn.
  • The Mains Operated Battery Charger is supplied with each unit. For on line continuous yarn tension measurement,specially designed probs with facility of clamp type fixing are also available.

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Colour fastness to light

“TECCHNO” Light Fastness Tester
  • Light Fasteness tester is used to determine the effect of exposure of test fabris to sunlight.This tester is used for measuring the fade ness / colour fastness of fabrics, if it is exposed to sunlight for a pre determined time under controlled condition.
  • In this equipment, a 500 / 1000 Watts MBTL Lamp is used which is having its spectra near to sunlight. One exhaust fan on the top of the chamber to take out hot air from chamber and time elapsed counter for measurement are provided.

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“TECCHNO” Flammability Tester

Common Features

The complete equipment consists of jet for flammability,specimen holding arrangement, digital timer, arrangement of adjustment of fabric width, SS enclose for test setup, synchronous motor arrangement to give motion to burner tip is also provided.Brushing device (Spray nlon brush) to prepare test specimen is provided with Instrument

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Strength of buttons

“TECCHNO” Button Pull Snap Strength Tester
  • To determine Strength of various buttons
  • provided with imada gauge upto 30 Kgs.
  • 3 types of clamps provided

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Laboratory Conditioning Chamber

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Fabric Thickness tester

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Laboratory B.O.D. Incubator

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Textile Projection Microscope

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Spray Rating Tester

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Hygro Meter

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